Windows 7 shortcuts

1) For the Easy way of Opening the Ease of access center, Press Windows+U.
2) For Hiding or Showing the Desktop , Press Windows+D.
3) For Opening an Search results Window, Press Windows+F.
4) To minimize the all Windows, press the Windows+M.
5) To lock an computer Press Windows+L.
6) To open the Run Dialog Box, Press Windows+R.
7) To open the Windows Explorer, Press Windows+E.
8) To change the view or Zoom in the Windows Explorer, Press Ctrl +(Mouse scroll wheel )
9) To see any Gadgets are used in your Desktop by Aeropeek, Press Windows+Space.
10) To get focus on the First Task Bar, Press Windows+T.
11) To move the Focus on the last task bar, Press Windows+Shift+T


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