Which database does Facebook & Google use ?

Facebook has moved to a NoSQL database named HBase.
Google uses their own system called BigTable.
What is NoSQL ?
NoSQL is a term used to designate databases which differ from classic relational databases.
NoSQL database management systems are useful when working with a huge quantity of data when the data's nature does not require a relational model.
The data can be structured, but NoSQL is used when what really matters is the ability to store and retrieve great quantities of data, not the relationships between the elements.

Is your computer “male” or “female”?

Funny trick 

1. Open Notepad
2. Type the following line in notepad:
     CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Ctgs Home I Love You"

3. Save file as computer_gender.vbs
4. Run the file.
If you hear a male voice, your pc is a boy
If you hear a female voice, your pc is a girl...try it...and let us know the gender of your computer through comments !!!

Disinfecting and Hacking a Keylogger

Hello everyone how you all doing i hope everyone is doing good today i am going to write this tutorial which is based on how to disinfect our computer system if it has been key logged and then how to hack or revert a ftp and email based keylogger.
Disclaimer- This tutorial is made only for educational purposes, i hereby take no responsibility how you
uses it, its one kind of busting those black hat hackers!!!
Important-Hacking or reverting a keylogger based on ftp is quite difficult technique as you are hacking a hacker!! I will recommend you to read this carefully after that try and try till you get success.
Table of content- 
1) What is reverting
2) How to check if you are infected
3) Disinfect or deleting keylogger from your computer
4) Tools needed to revert a keylogger
5) Method to revert a keylogger based on ftp
6) Hack the Hacker
7) Extras (hacking a email based keylogger) 
What Is Reverting?
Reverting means reversing an action or undoing the changes in a system, when i say system, then its not only our pc or laptop but any thing in universe!!! But in our case we will consider our computer as system, in which we have to do changes or do reverting.