How to create a folder named "CON" or "AUX" or "NUL"

Have you ever tried to create a folder named "CON" or "AUX" or "NUL"
Tried now??? - not working :)
Here you go, a simple method to stop your anxiety
Rename folder from the right click option........
Now press alt and press 255...
NOTE:- press 255 from the right side of the keyboard i.e Numpad where only numbers are given
now write con and then press enter.....!!!!
you'll see a con folder in ur pc :)


  1. Reason:-There are many more folders which cant be created ,but using alt 255 u can make the folder. Because alt 255 act as a half space which will visible to u when u open dos and the directory then u will clearly find there is a half space, which can be viewed better when if u make an another folder with 3 letters. one more thing the do always with right side numeric keys thing cant be done by the numeric keys that is on the upper part of keyboard sorry for those laptop user who don't have numkeys on right side.


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