Apple iPhone 5 release date set as September 21st !

Apple iPhone 5

Apple will reportedly unveil its next iPhone – the handset unofficially dubbed ‘iPhone 5’ - in late September, a source in China familiar with the iGiant's plans has revealed.
Picked up on by French iFansite App4iPhone, the tipster who “specialises in the manufacture of accessories” at one of Hong Kong’s three largest factories, received specifications from Apple on the 'technical apparatus' of its next-gen kit, including a release date: September 21st.
Call us sceptics, but we find it quite unlikely that Apple would willingly disclose a release date, especially one so specific, as it is probably the company's most closely guarded secret other than the phone itself.
Still, common sense and a whole lot of speculation from analysts and mystics alike suggests the iPhone 5 could very well be released by the end of September. So even if September 21st is a date plucked out of thin air, we reckon it’s close enough to be a realistic ETA.
Features the eagerly awaited handset is expected to bring include a larger, four-inch display, a slimmer and taller design, 4G and NFC capabilities and an improved eight-megapixel camera.
The source above also confirms growing chatter that the iPhone 5 will introduce a new, 19-pin mini dock connector to replace the existing 30-pin standard. According to a Reuters report, Apple has opted to shrink the port size to make space for moving the audio jack to the bottom of the handset.
What do you think? Is September 21st is a realistic iPhone 5 release date? Let us know in the comments section below.


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