Indians Are More Active Smartphone Users Than Americans !

Indians outshine Americans when it comes to accessing Internet through smartphones. According to a survey conducted by Google in partnership with research firm Ipsos, Indian smartphone users are more active online than their US counterparts.
The survey says 56 percent Indian smartphone users access Internet on their phones as compared to 53 percent in the U.S. The survey, however, points out India has less than 50 per cent of 245 million smartphone users in U.S.
The survey also highlights the rising popularity of social networking sites in the country. It says more than 75 percent of the Indian smartphone users access social networking sites, as compared to 54 percent in the U.S. Around 81 percent Indians access e-mails through their smartphones, while only 73 percent Americans do the same.
"Smartphones, being powerful devices can act as a pocket supercomputer as well and can do a lot more than to just navigate through social networking pages," the survey said.
The survey also reveals the pattern of smartphone usages among men and women in India. Of the 56 percent usage of internet through smartphones in India, 59 per cent are males and 48 per cent females. It further says smartphones are not just used for for mere calling and texting but watching TV, listening music, checking e-mail and accessing Internet as well.
The survey further says a majority 77 percent Indian smartphone users use their device to listen to music, while 33 percent users play video games.


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