Adsense Account Got Rejected Well Here Is The Best Solution !

If you think Google adsense is the only way to earn money online then m sorry to say that you are wrong there are lots of alternatives available but the best one i like personally is CHITIKA as it's fast in processing and they accepts you in there program easily in comparision to google adsense!

Chitika Description

Chitika is a company that allows you to monetize your site with ad blocks that show product reviews and shopping links. Their program pays you every time these ads are clicked by your visitors, giving you 60% of the revenue generated from their advertisers. Many people have cited Chitika as a great alternative to Google Adsense.
Chitika Detailed Overview
Webmasters are always looking for new ways to monetize their site. Google Adsense has become the premier choice the last few years but it doesn’t always perform well for everyone. Now there are many different options publishers have when it comes to site monetization. Chitika is an established network that pays you per click when visitors click on the ad product descriptions.
You can use display the ads by searching for the keywords and manually selecting the best choice. Chitika also offers an option to show ads contextually but when you do this you are not able to use it together with Adsense. Many people have reported good earnings when using it with Adsense rather than replacing it altogether.

The ad block has a photo of a product, a rating, and a short description. Visitors can shift towards the tabs to find the best deal, reviews, or search for a new product altogether. I really like the ad units that are used with Chitika. First, you can choose different 10 sizes. Then, you can customize the color of the title, text, border, and links so that it fits in with the color scheme of your site. These ads are also very enticing and show pictures that make visitors pay attention and eventually click.
Some people have reported that their CPMs for Chitika have been low. But  like google adsense you have to test out different placements and make sure you are targeting your audience correctly with the right product. Usually placing the ad unit above the fold will yield the best results.
A new feature that really impressed me was the Premium Ads the company introduced last year. This ad block will display a product based on the keyword the visitor used to find that page. For example, if a visitor searches for HP laptop in the search engines and clicks through to your site, the premium results will show “You Searched on Google for HP laptop.” Then, a list of the most relevant results will show up. The real beauty of this is that the premium ads do not show if the visitor didn’t use a keyword to get to your site (if they are regular readers, visited your site via email, etc.).
To see how you are doing, Chitika allows you to track your impressions, CTR, clicks, and revenue. For detailed tracking, you can name and set channels. A good idea is to set up a channel for each ad unit to see how each ad block does and across all of your sites.

Chitika Reputation

The overall response for Chitika’s service has been positive. Some webmasters have stated that it outperformed their Google Adsense earnings while others have stated that Adsense had better results. Of course, it’s important to test and find out what how each perform for you before making any final decisions.
Chitika provides outstanding support and help using their service. They are a reliable company and pay out your earnings on time. If you have a site that doesn’t do well with Adsense, you should check out this great alternative to see if it works for you. Many people who’ve had small earnings with Adsense have had good results after switching or using it with Chitika.

 I hope it works out for you too as it worked out for me thanks !


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