5 Search Engine Operators used for SEO !

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Search Engine Operators  
There are many types of operators being used in search engines. But out of many only 5 Operators are important for Search Engine Optimization of any website. SEO persons are using these operators to know the exact value of any website and they may find where that particular website stands with help of these link:, cache:, site:, info:, related: operators.

5 Search Engine Operators used for SEO

(1) link:
This operator will show the number of backlinks of a website.
Example: Use Google Search Engine to know how much  backlinks your website have Simply type link:www.yourwebsitename.com and you will get the backlinks of your website. 

(2) cache: This operator show when search engine crawler last visited to your website.
Example: cache:www.yourwebsitename.com (It will show exact date and time when search engine robot visit to your website)

(3) site:
This operator will show how much pages has been indexed by search engine.
Example: site:www.example.com  
It will show number of pages indexed by search engine.

(4) info:
This will show the information about your website home page. It will show only home page of your website. With this operator you may know about the Fake Page Rank
Example: info:www.example.com

(5) related:
This operator will show similar pages from other website. You can check your competitor by this operator.
Example: related:www.youwebsitename.com  
Hope you will like all these operators.


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