How To Unblock Websites At School And Colleges Without Using Any Proxy Sites !

What and How of website unblocking
Hello everyone how you all doing i hope everyone is fine n if you are not trust me soon after reading this post you are definitely gonna feel fantastic !!! 
If you are here today and reading this out it simply means you are sick of authorities blocking all your favorite sites such as:
                                                 Facebook  Yahoo  Youtube  twitter
                                                 ...And the list continues to go on...
which are kinda more important then our daily diets to live in today's world,you are left behind with the big name Google as the only option on the name of Internet at your school,college and your workplace well so was i few days back until i found this after day n night of hours and hours of search well it's called as "tor". 
It's time to show them that if they are bad we are there dad !!! 
It's time for some "kickass" action "geeks" you are WELCOME TO THE SHOW!!!
Just follow the following steps:
  •  Now choose the  OPERATING SYSTEM  you are working on luckily it works on every platform viz. Windows Linux  and  Mac Simply click on DOWNLOAD button if you are working on windows...

    This is what appears:

  • The best part is it's all free no hidden charges,now save that file anywhere you like, most probably on DESKTOP so that you can easily find it now double click to start the extraction and execution process if you are a FIREFOX lover like me you are gonna love this i promise...just follow the SCREENSHOTS.


    Click Extract (3) to begin extraction. This may take a few minutes to complete.

    Once extraction is complete, open the folder Tor Browser from the location in which you extracted the bundle.
    Double click on the Start Tor Browser (4) application (it may be called Start Tor Browser.exe on some systems.)

    The "VIDALIA" window will shortly appear.

    Once Tor is ready, Firefox will automatically be opened. Only web pages visited through the included Firefox browser will be sent via Tor. Other web browsers such as Internet Explorer are not affected. Make sure that it says "Tor Enabled" (5) in the bottom right corner before using it. To reduce the risk of confusion, don't run Firefox while using the Tor Browser Bundle, and close existing Firefox windows before starting.

    BoOM you are done enjoy visiting  website from tornow with increased blazing speed
    Just go to the "TOR" settings and enter the address of the proxy server given to you by your your institute admin.


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